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Artworks and Artistic projects

The collective Graffiti Paris is also composed of a team of graphic designers, illustrators, draftsmen.
Our values ​​revolve around urban art, street culture and graphics. Passionate about creating images, mixing colors and assembling shapes.
Graffiti Paris is a co-creation workshop : cards, posters, frescoes, illustrations, print … We bring the graphic expression in the public space.

Our graphic creations studio is a central place within which the artworks and artistic projects of our artists are exhibited. It is located at the 33 Bezout Street in the 14th district of Paris and forms “Les ateliers 33”.

Artworks and Artistic projects within Graffiti Paris’ studio

  • Creation is at the core of Graffiti Paris. The artists who compose the collective all possess various artistic worlds with different techniques as well as years of experience. Here is the portfolio of founder Simon Jacquin.
  • Through a mix of several influences and aspirations, the Graffiti paris collective works to bring an urban aspect to publishing, in collaboration with theaters, schools, collectives, associations, neighborhoods …
  • The artists work on every type of medium and can custom daily objects, furniture and even clothes and accessories.

How to proceed for your projects ?

  • Send us your project by email, we will then contact you in order to define you need and estimate a budget.
  • We will be able to brainstorm upon you project so that your creation is unique and the perfect reflection of  your wish.
  • We will subsequently carry out, with your approval, your tailor-made artistic project according to your expectations.
  • So don’t hesitate to contact us and describe tous your project, or you can directly come by the atelier.