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Live Painting

Graffiti Paris is above all the project of a collective of artists and street art specialists eager to share their passion with the public.

In addition to the decorative and creative dimension of Street Art frescoes, our artists can create Live Painting on the theme of your choice.
An artistic performance that will bring your events life, colors and originality !

A Live Painting is the occasion to organize an original and one of a kind performance live and tailored for your event!

We offer Street Art live painting performances tailored just for you

  • The Graffiti Paris Team conceives the live performance conjointly with you, from the firs sketch to the event.
  • We offer the choice between several street art techniques according to your project such as: graffiti, aerosols, stencils, collages, painting with rolls and brushes and even paint projections.
  • The performance can take place outside or on the inside, and upon every type of medium.
  • The performances are organized according to your ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us and describe your project.

Live Painting is suitable for all types of events and locations

  • For cultural events such as festivals, concerts, vernissages, fashion shows…
  • For your one-off events : inaugurations, advertising events, receptions…
  • Also for Professional events : conferences, professional meetings, seminars…

How we proceed

  • Firstly you will define with the team the theme of the work that will be realized during the live painting.
  • We will then arrange with you an appointment on site in order to design the project according to the location.
  • You and the team will decide by mutual agreement the choice of the street art artist of the collective that will realize the performance. In fact, we are a collective of several artists who all possess various styles and influences.
  • Finally, the last step will be the realization of the live painting !