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Street Art Team Building

Create a street art graffiti as a team is an original, creative and unique team building idea.
Our Team Building Street Art workshops aim to create a real cohesion in your teams around a common goal. Faced with the challenge of creating a mural graffiti in groups, your colleagues will have the opportunity to express themselves differently in an unusual setting. Improve stress management, communication, decision-making and solidarity within the group. And thus achieve better performance in a new work dynamic.
In addition, this activity allows you to offer a cultural discovery to your teams through an  immersion in the Street Art universe, an underground movement that has jostled art.

Our Street Art Team Building are suitable for everyone

  • For aspiring artists as well as for beginners.
  • Groups of any size starting from 5 people.
  • Animation possible in your premises, please contact us.
  • For large groups: we can organize a Street Art Team Building XXL; contact us for more information.

On the program

  • You will meet with our street art artists in an adapted urban environment.
  • The workshop will begin with a team brainstorming and the realization of a first sketch of the graffiti on paper.
  • You  will then discover a large variety of street art techniques – depending on the project : aerosols, stencils, collages, rolls, brushes…
  • At the end you will finally be able to collectively realize a large format graffiti on the wall.
  • The project can be realized in an urban or interior environment with a possibility to work on canvases, in order to bring back with you a part of your artistic experience.
  • Depending on your wishes, we can organize as well a Street Art Tour prior to the activity, a true discovery of all the greatest street art frescos in Paris and the history of this subversive art form.


  • Our Team Building experience is a tailor-made activity, so don’t hesitate to contact us to create it together.
  • The activity can take place at your location.
  • Because a Team Building allows to work on very different aspects, we suggest you to think about specific objectives to reach during the workshop.


Take a look at a Street Art Team Building in video here.