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Frescoes, decorations and Street Art customizations

Above all, Graffiti Paris is the collective project of artists and street art specialists who wish to make the public aware of all the richness of this movement. The Graffiti Paris team accompanies you throughout a creative process to design the Street Art frescoes, decorations or customizations of your dreams.

Wall frescoes

Nothing is more depressing than an empty white wall… Bring all your surfaces to life with the Graffiti Paris collective. With their know-how and imagination, our artists deploy all their talent for all types of walls.

In addition to being unique works, murals are a great way to bring colour, life and originality to a place. They bring aging buildings back to life and can be a source of creativity for those who are familiar with them on a daily basis.

Our artists can offer to create tailor-made Street Art frescoes for any type of projects:

  • Interior or exterior frescoes, on any type of support and at any height.
  • For associations, schools, offices, underground cellars, buildings, trendy cafés and incubators of the future.
  • Reproduction of a defined fresco or complete creation on request.


You have a small area to decorate but you don’t know where to start?

Dare to use colour with a tailor-made creative work suited for different types of media: facades, menus, shop windows, rooms, website design, visuals, graphic charts etc….


There’s nothing like a custom object just for yourself! At Graffiti Paris, we offer a second identity to your objects (furniture, cups, kits, totebags, skateboards, vinyls…) or clothes (sneakers, t-shirts, snapbacks…) according to your wishes.

More than just a simple customization, we transform your personal belongings into real works of art for everyday use!

How do we organize for the realization of frescoes, decorations and Street Art customizations ?

The theme of the fresco is to be defined with the collective in order to have the best result. Our team collects as much information as possible on your request (dimensions, personal tastes, chosen support…) in order to be able to offer you a tailor-made service.

Brainstorming with you and the Graffiti Paris team.

Our artists will produce two mockups within two weeks to define the visual of your creative project and determine your graphic choices.
Once the model has been validated, our team gets right to work!

Enjoy the result!

The frescoes are custom made according to your expectations, do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your project. Let’s design it together!

Finally, don’t hesitate to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to discover our latest workshops and events!