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Mural Street Art Team Building

Choose an original and creative team activity and create an outdoor street
art fresco together ! Graffiti Paris offers you a 100% street art immersion with our mural graffiti
workshop. In collaboration with our Parisian graffiti artists, create a real collective artwork using different urban art techniques.

Explore your creative potential and immortalize your street art work on the walls of the capital.


    How does our outdoor graffiti team building work ?

    • From a theme and a color code defined with you beforehand, define together a lettering and the graphic elements of your future work
    • Train yourself to handle the spray paint can thanks to the discovery exercises of our street artists
    • Explore the different stages of creation and create your mural as a team. And finally, our team of artists will touch up your work for a great final result !
    team building_graffiti_créatif_streetart_workshop_activité_graffiti_paris_artiste_murale_creation_activity_fresque_murale©graffitiparis_2022.JPG

    Practical information :

    • Suitable for beginners
    • Location : Paris 12 ou Paris 14
    • Time : 2h
    • Possible option: Street Art visit in the 13th district in addition to your workshop
    • Material included (paint cans, masks and gloves)
    • From 5 to 50 participants
    • For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us