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Graphic design

Graffiti Paris is a graphic design agency infused with street art influences, dedicated to crafting all your visual elements. We guide you through a range of projects, from branding to digital creation or urban signage. Our artists shape your visual identity, whether through impactful logos or communication materials. We help define your brand image with contemporary visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Our expertise spans various disciplines: museum scenography, sports event decor, and advertising creations.

Création graphique – Ckeja x PSG

Bespoke Creation

Our team of talented artists is committed to giving your project a distinctive visual identity. Whether it’s a striking logo or innovative designs for your communication materials, we leverage our creativity to bring your vision to life. Each creation is tailored to reflect your brand essence and engage your audience.

Urban Influence

Our passion lies in diverse projects we undertake, each showcasing solutions aligned with the energy of urban art. Our agency boasts a variety of skilled talents, ensuring expert execution no matter the project.

Collaborative Process

We believe in close collaboration with our clients to give life to their ideas. Our creative process involves attentive listening, regular exchanges, and flexibility to incorporate your feedback. Our aim is to make each project a rewarding collaborative experience, blending your vision with our expertise.

Création graphique signalétique urbaine – SNCF
Graffiti_Paris_Agency_street_art_graphic design
Graffiti_Paris_Agency_street_art_graphic design
Graffiti_Paris_Agency_street_art_graphic design

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