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Private Street Art Workshop


A two-hour introductory workshop on Street Art led by an artist from the Graffiti Paris collective.

The private graffiti workshop offers a personalized immersive experience focused on urban art. For 2 hours, you’ll be guided by a professional artist who listens to your ideas. This workshop is perfect for private groups or individuals seeking a unique and personalized artistic experience.  

Activity outline

During this private workshop, start by meeting your artist and immersing yourself in the captivating world of graffiti at the Petite Ceinture. Receive a detailed briefing on techniques, spray cans, and key elements of graffiti. Then, together, explore the theme or general idea of your artwork, planning the composition of your mural on the wall. Then, get into action! Everyone contributes to the creation of the mural, guided by the artist who provides advice, shares tips, and encourages individual expression. Refine the details of your collective artwork, then admire your mural personalized to your image. Why choose our private workshop ? Because it’s an exclusive experience tailored to your group, with personalized guidance from a professional artist. You have the choice of artistic direction for the mural and lettering to create an artwork that reflects you. Suitable for all, starting from 11 years old ! Book now to experience an unforgettable street art adventure ! Contact us to check availability and personalize your experience. Gift this personalized workshop with our gift cards.🎨✨