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Street Art Murals

For more than 5 years, Graffiti Paris has been dedicated to the creation of bespoke street art murals. Our team of artists collaborates with you to design the perfect visual, adding vibrancy to your spaces. Share your aspirations with us and let’s outline your artistic endeavor together.


Customized street art

Every mural we produce is tailored to mirror your vision, essence, or the message you wish to convey. Whether it’s to elevate a commercial venue, animate an event, or reinforce a brand’s visual identity, we work hand in hand with you to actualize your concepts.


Artistic Diversity

Our team of skilled street artists, boasting diverse styles and influences, ensures a rich range of artistic expressions. From abstract to figurative, from vivid to monochromatic, we adapt the mural to resonate with your artistic preferences.It’s a true blending of your concepts with the artistic realms of our creators.


Collaborative Murals

Our agency invites you to partake in the creation process, imprinting your essence into your walls. Engage in both the conceptualization and execution phases. With the guidance of our artists, you can paint a masterpiece within your space during collaborative workshops. Witness how your vision materializes in a truly collaborative way!

For your mural creation inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your project. Our team of street artists is eager to offer expertise and guidance for your project

Our recent projects

SEBASTIEN TOUACHE x Musée de l’air et de l’espace
Sébastien Touache

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