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Street Art Initiation Workshop

A two-hour introductory workshop on Street Art led by an artist from the Graffiti Paris collective.

Paris hosts on its walls the works of world-renowned street art artists such as Obey, Cost, C215, Seth…. Do you want to leave your mark on the walls of Paris ? Experience a Street Art Initiation Workshop with Graffiti Paris.

Our street art initiation workshops are open to everyone, young and old, beginners or experienced artists. The aim of our workshops is to help you discover the many techniques of street art and to experiment with the different stages of creating a graffiti. All this in a friendly atmosphere. Our initiation workshops are led by artists from the Parisian street art scene, members of the Graffiti Paris collective.

How does the workshop proceed?

  1. Meeting with the artist who will guide you throughout the workshop
  2. Group creation of a first sketch of a mural on paper
  3. Presentation of different street art techniques according to the project
  4. Collective creation of the murals (graffiti lettering, characters, graphic forms, etc.)

What is the difference between public and private workshops?

The public initiation to street art workshop takes place according to the program described above, on a Wednesday or a Saturday. You can book alone or with others up to a maximum of 10 people.

The private workshop for initiation to street art is an à la carte workshop that can be customized to your desires :

  1. You define with us the artistic direction of your workshop (theme, colorimetry, street art techniques) beforehand
  2. You set the time and date of the workshop according to your availability
  3. A dedicated artist will accompany you or your group throughout the workshop
    Please note: the private workshop is for one participant only. For a private group workshop, send us a request on the Tailor-made experiences page.

Practical information
for our street art initiation workshops

  • From 11 years old
  • Sessions of approximately two hours, every Saturday morning
  • We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes suitable for painting
  • We provide the artistic and protective material (gloves & masks)
  • Our workshops are held at the Bercy Skatepark (Meeting point 110 Rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris)
  • All our activities take place in the respect of the barrier gestures


45,00 2 hours